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Painting Services

Residential Painting

Your home is an expression of who you are. A professionally painted home with all the right color schemes brings life to a commercial or residential property. Choosing the right painting contractors in Brockton Massachusetts will not only raise the value of the property, but also improve its aesthetics. Our home painting services can include bedrooms or small spaces, or the entire house. We customize our painting services so that it not only has an assurance of quality but also has a unique appearance and finish, tailored to your needs.

Commercial Painting Services

We are specialists in painting commercial properties such as government buildings, storefronts, retail, restaurants, among many other businesses. We provide anything from conventional finishes to exquisite and creative designs that will make your commercial or residential property stand out. Our painting service is designed to not only look beautiful but last for years. Your customers will love your new look and you will be assured that you made the right choice in choosing Brockton Painting Company!

Interior Painting Services

During any interior painting project, you can rest assured that we will respect and honor your privacy, your busy schedule, and how your family functions in your home. We will recommend the appropriate type of paint for your home, always taking into consideration the usage and exposure your surfaces will experience throughout the paint’s lifetime. If we find any existing problems that need attention, we will address them with you, and take the appropriate steps to repair them so that you won’t have to give them another thought.

Exterior Painting

The exterior is the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your home or business. Therefore, it is important that it looks good. At Brockton Painting Company, we always customize our painting recommendations according to your goals and style. Regardless of the surface you need painted, we’ve got you covered.

Surfaces and siding types we paint include:

  • Stucco
  • Concrete
  • Stone Or Brick
  • Wood, Composite & Siding

We also specialize in painting all exterior parts of your home such as:

  • Doors & Windows
  • Fascia & Eaves
  • Garage Doors & Any Exterior Doors
  • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Decks, Railings And Patio Covers
  • Fences & Railings

Deck And Fence Staining

Periods of rain followed by intense sun put decks and fences to the test. If not maintained, the material will slowly start to deteriorate and take years off its lifespan. If left completely neglected, decks and fencing can require complete replacement in as few as 15 years. We notice that our that homeowners don’t use their decks as often if they are in poor condition. A beautiful, clean and well maintained deck is great for family gatherings and BBQ’s. Let us help to keep your deck and fence looking new for years to come with fresh paint or staining. 

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