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Deck And Fence Staining

When it comes to outdoor life in Brockton, a well-maintained deck and fence transforms a yard. Unfortunately, over time, weather as well as wear and tear can damage your outdoor space, leaving your deck and fence to look faded and outdated. Rather than replace deck or fence, Brockton Painting Company staining services are a quick and easy solution that will extend the life of your deck and fence.

Deck Staining

Homeowners love to spend time outside on their decks with their families. The issue with decks is that they eventually show their age if not properly maintained. With exposure to the sun and rain, much of the deck gets minimum protection. If your deck is a high traffic area for your family or pets, it can also experience additional wear and tear. Decks do require continued maintenance.

When deck staining is done properly by a professional, a it can last up to 3 years. The deck floor  takes more of a beating from weathering versus vertical surfaces, which don’t take as much of a direct hit from sun, rain and foot traffic.

If you’re a resident of Brockton and looking to paint or stain your deck and fence, you can rely on us, Brockton Painting Company, for high-quality services.

Fence Staining

Although fences don’t take as much of a direct hit as decks do, they still need maintenance every of couple years to keep them looking good. Brockton Painting Company has stained and painted countless fences over the years, including the two types of fences that a typical home has:

  • Picket Fences: Typically installed for decorative purposes and has spacing in between the fence boards
  • Privacy Fences: Runs around the perimeter of backyard and is usually much taller with minimal gaps in between boards

Brockton Painting Company can paint or stain both types of fences any color you desire. There are several types of stains and paints we use, depending on the shade you are looking for:

  • A Semi-Transparent Stain shows off the wood grain while adding deep color to the wood fibers.
  • A Clear Coat shows the true color and characteristics of the wood. Its purpose is to protect the wood from sun and weather damage.
  • A Solid Stain can be any color you choose and like paint, can be matched to the home or any other exterior surface. It is much thicker and covers a majority of the wood grain.

Our team at Brockton Painting Company will refinish your fence the properly, starting with a thorough power wash of the area. This cleans any mildew, pollutants and chalking that may be on your fence. When the fence is dry, we then apply one to two coats of paint or stain, depending on what your fence needs.

3 Benefits Of Refinishing And Staining

Improve The Appearance

Wood is naturally beautiful and staining brings out the beauty of its texture and grain.  There are many options to choose from when it comes to stains—while some stains are semi-transparent, others can cover your deck or fence like paint would.  There are also many tints available, which allows you to match your stained deck or fence to the rest of your home while still preserving the wood’s natural appearance.

Prevent Damage From Sun

The sun is strong! Even if your deck is in the shade, UV light from the sun can still cause alot damage. If left untreated, wood will warp, crack, and splinter with time.  Sunlight also causes decks to lose their color and fade. Thankfully, regular deck staining can stop your deck from drying out too quickly by allowing less sunlight to penetrate the wood.

Reduce Moisture

Moisture and wood are not a mix. Regular staining will prevent water from damaging your deck or fence.  Like painting wood, staining wood helps to lessen the effects of water damage.  Decks or fences that become too wet with moisture can grow mold or mildew, which may cause serious health issues.  Additionally, untreated, water-soaked wood can expand, leading to costly repairs.

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These are some of the benefits of staining a deck and fence. If you’re looking paint or staining services, contact us for a free estimate.  Whether it’s an interior, exterior, residential or commercial project, we can help! Our contact number is 781-350-9040!